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Amber champagne colt born today!

The beginning of spring was hard on us, since we lost Anri Yasmin’s & Khalvin Khlein KpM’s amber cream champagne colt foal when he was still born 1,5 month early.

I have had a plan and a dream for almost 20 years to have a champagne colored colt foal with my stud name, which was why we bought Khalvin two years ago. The first year we didn’t get the mare we covered in foal, so we started boosting him early with beta-carotene and vitamin E.

Last year we covered a few mares more and this spring we first lost one dream colt (we were heartbroken) and then today we had this amazing, strong colt out of Sunwillow Venus!

We are truly over the moon, and this boy is everything we could hope for – and more! This is not the first time you hear about him, so remember his name: Stellar Khal Vici… He is a keeper, for sure!

Baby blue eyes and lavender colored skin!
Khalvin Klein KpM – his son will get the same colour as him in a few months.