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Stellar SuperMoon was born this morning

Hello world, now I’m here! 😍 Lustoord Sophia just got a beautiful grey filly (born palomino) with white legs and a blaze by Friarly Super Stanley. So pretty and Sophia is a fantastic mother as always! ❤️❤️❤️

Her last two fillies have been retained in the stud so this is a fantastisk opportunity for someone that is looking for a quality filly!

The pedigree is exceptionally good with many of the renowned older stud names from Europe (Friars, Glyncoch, Friarly, Cefnfedw, Bengad, Pontgam, Knolton, Synod, Springbourne et.c) which means that this filly will fit in all areas and we expect a very good exterior with great gaits and a very nice temperament like the previous foals. Sophia also gives very nice fronts to her foals, which can sometimes be missed in welsh mountain breeding! (See big sister in the other picture.) We want her to come to a home that invests in exhibition and breeding, so that she can show the world her beauty and usefulness.

Pedigree: www.allbreedpedigree.com/stellar+supermoon

(Welsh mountain)