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Stellar Aranyar was born today and we are (finally) at the end of our foaling season!

Our STER mare Fulnaho’s Agnes (Ysselvliedt’s Seren Chevalier – Eyarth Caliph) had a big and strong palomino colt by Ysselvliedt’s Lord Markham (Glansevin Graffiti – Eyarth Caliph) out in the paddock this afternoon. Since this is the last foal for the season we can finally get some well earned sleep…! He is a big colt with lots of bones, so we are planning on retaining him since he feel really promising for the future.

Next year I have promised my husband that most of the foals will be for sale, so if you are interested in any that I have posted on the breeding page (check the menu) please let us know in advance!

Right now we are super happy breeders!