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Should I buy a foal?

We want you to have thought through your purchase of a foal before and not expect so much from going and visiting the foal, although you are of course welcome to visit the herd if you have the roads past us. The foal is most likely going to choose to be with its mother and with the other foals, just as any foal would, so don’t be disappointed if it won’t come and say Hi.

Our best advice as a breeder is to choose based on the breeding you want to have in a horse, everything else you will shape afterwards if there are healthy individuals behind the pedigree, which it is on all horses we have carefully hand-picked from all over the world. We have studied pedigrees since the 80’s and the bloodlines and individuals we have in our stud are selected because of their outstanding qualities in mentality, health and type. We will not breed on a horse that doesn’t match our high demands!

We have (what we believe) a natural horse thinking and let the mares take care of their foals for the first few months and disturb as little as we can except for petting the foal when it chooses contact. In our belief, it creates a confident horse with a clear communication as it has been together in horse herds with adults and other foals.

When the foal is a couple of months, it should be chipped and worked with a farrier when needed (we always check the legs and hooves when it is born and every day when we are in the field, but we also only breed on healthy horses which means we extremely rarely – if ever – has a problem with legs and hooves of a foal), which we of course do, but the main work with the foal starts when it comes to its new family.

We believe in letting horses be horses for as much as possible and we hope you do too! Only then it can be a relationship of give and take, where the individual is always in focus.

We love to support our horse buyers in their dreams and plans, and that is of course included in the part of buying a foal from us. If you are buying a foal from someone else, then you can ask them to be mentors to you. We cannot make any promises except for ourselves, but we cannot be mentors to everyone either so this is something we prioritize for our horse buyers. 🙂

If you haven’t decided yet if you should buy a foal from us that is ok too, but please wait to contact us until you know for sure because it takes a lot of our time otherwise that we can spend with the horses.