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Our darling Stellar Khal Vici

Our amber champagne Welsh partbred colt Stellar Khal Vici by Khalvin Khlein KpM (by Khornerstone KpM who was by the legendary Khemosabi) out of Sunwillow Venus made his debut today and he was such a good boy – even though he laid down in the 💩 the minute before! 🥰

He has the most amazing temperament – and his daddy’s ears, which I think is from the American Saddlebred breed! LOL Hopefully he will grow into them! He is 50% Welsh mountain, 38% Arabian, 6% American Saddlebred and 6% Quarter Horse. His father had a successful 30 day stallion test in Germany where they praised his mentality, so we have high hopes for this little lad since his champagne colored brother’s and sister’s have been sold all over the world.

His mother Sunwillow Venus is line bred to the famous Sunwillow Quest who was one of the foundation mares of the renowned Heniarth Stud. We think Stellar Khal Vici is going to be an excellent sire of champagne colored welsh partbreds and riding ponies in the future.

His foal colour has started to shift to the glamourous and rare champagne colour, because when an amber champagne colored foal is born they tend to look brown since amber champagne has the base colour brown. What gives them away are their bright blue eyes which later becomes green (as they are now for him) and when he is an adult they will be amber.

Since his sire is now 24 years old, this is his legacy in the stud and this colt is retained to become a future breeding stallion.

He still needs to grow into his body, but he was very easy going and we had a great day showing him. A big thank you to our friend Åsa Dahlberg who helped showing the ponies (it was her first show!) because we couldn’t run since I have an inflamed heel spur and my husband had injured his knee. This lovely boy will stay at home until he is 2 years old and then we will send him to be produced. We plan on having him on AI in the future since we saw from birth that he has two testicles down! LOL /Eleonor

Khalvin Klein KpM – rare amber champagne stallion, and this is the color our beautiful Khal Vici will become as an adult.
Khalvin Khlein KpM
Khalvin Khlein during his 30 day Stallion performance test.