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Stellar Vaiana has found a lovely new home

After many discussions we decided today that Stellar Vaiana (by Sunwillow Paris out of Sunwillow Venus) will be moving to her best friend De Evertshoeve’s Arlana and the Mellgren family in Enköping, where she will be a show filly at national and international shows in the future, as well as a future foundation brood mare for their upcoming stud. Stellar Tears of Pearls will also be joining them when she is weaned.

In 2022 Stellar Vaiana was awarded gold x 2 and 42 p at two of the biggest shows in Sweden, so we have very high hopes for her in her new home! Even though I would have loved to keep her because of her outstanding quality, I also want the world to see our breedings so this feels like the best outcome!

Congratulations to the Mellgren family for their new family member!
We would not have sold her to anyone else!

Stellar Vaiana is going to be produced in the UK for the show season 2023.