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We have a DNA result!

That our beautiful Greigiau Spring Equinox (Hilin Pilgrim – Hilin Goya) is a double dilute is not anything to question, but it is almost impossible to know which of the three base colors they are under the double cream appearance so that you can tell if they are cremello (chestnut base), perlino (bay/brown base) or smoky cream (black base). We had the feeling that he was either smoky cream or perlino since his shade is a tiny bit darker than a cremello at first sight, but it is something that cannot be 100% sure until tested.

Greigiau Spring Equinox is a beautiful baby now – but we cannot wait for him to grow into a handsome stallion!

Therefor, we sent in his DNA to Animal Genetics and today we got the news that he is indeed PERLINO We have a DNA result: Ee/Aa/CrCr! This means he can give both buckskin, palomino, and smoky black foals – depending on the mare, does the mare also have a cream gene he can also have cremello, perlino and smoky cream foals.

That make us very happy since we now have both a cremello (Cadlanvalley James Bond) and a smoky cream colt/stallion in the stud, for the ones interested in “breeding colour”, which means that they want to breed foals with 100% guarantee of dilute colors, for example palomino (chestnut base with one cream gene), smoky black (black base with one cream gene) or buckskin (bay/brown base with one cream gene).

If you are interested in knowing which colors our boys can breed with your mare, use the COAT COLOR CALCULATOR!

Dam: Greigiau Spring Mist
Sire: Hilin Pilgrim