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Dental Weekend with Thiago!

This week we have done the teeth on all our horses from 3 yr and above that are with us in Sweden at the moment. We have found a new equestrian dental technician (Golden Teeth – Equine Dental Technician Thiago Luiz de Paula) from the south of Sweden, and he is amazing at what he does.

He is a true cowboy who originates from Brazil, and you can really tell that he knows what he is doing and that he communicates and respects the horses, because the horses love him! He doesn’t need to sedate them and even our most sensitive ponies stood still and let him do his work. Very professional and we will definitely hire him again!

If you look at our Instagram you will see more pictures from the dental weekend! <3

In the video he is talking to Friars Tears from Heaven, and we just love that he tells the ponies everything so that they understand what he is planning to do!

We are very thorough with our ponies health and we want their hooves and feet to be professionally taken care of, since the stud is a cooperation between us – if it wasn’t for the ponies, there would be no stud and we owe them to take care of them in the best ways we can.