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During winter the nature is waiting for spring to come and so are we! We have sold a few amazing ponies to some lucky owners this winter to make our breeding program even more focused when it comes to size and type. I think that is what winter is all about, to look inward and see if the plans for the last year were as fruitful as you hoped or if there should be any changes.

The show season is soon coming for 2023 and just like in 2022 we have a group of ponies being produced in Sweden and in the UK. Some new faces have shown up in the stud during 2022, and some are not even added to the list of ponies!

We are looking into frozen semen for some of the stallions, where we have requests all over the world. If you are interested please email us stars@stellarstud.se so that we can see if it is worth the effort and money to offer. It all depends on the number of people willing to buy, because if we are going to offer this we want it to at least break-even so that it doesn’t cost more than we get! We are also making a bigger effort in 2023 to creating the subpages for the ponies and in creating pdf:s for the stallions to download.

We are expecting 14 foals in the stud if everything goes as planned, and it is wise to contact us and show your interest as soon as possible since they have sold really fast in 2022. Some are already planned to keep by ourselves.

We still have our black beauty Magica de Spell for sale since we have high hopes for her and want her to achieve success in show rings, which means we are very picky where she is going. There are a few that are waiting for a film of Fulnaho’s Billy Bow, so we are planning on taking a few colts to loose jump soon.

We very seldom offer mares for sale, but because the stud is moving location in 2023 we are going through the ponies we have at home and since we are keeping Stellar Aranyar as a future sire we are thinking about offering Fulnaho’s Agnes for sale since we also have her sister. We might change our mind though regarding her since she is out of the famous bloodlines of the former Cottrell stud. If sold, she could be covered with Wildzang’s A Dream Dessert.

All of them are in higher price range depending on quality.