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New co-operations for 2023

Right now we are waiting for the foaling season to start and some of our maiden mares are a bit sensitive and wondering what is going on in their big bellies. They are going to be lovely mother’s but as a maiden mare you can really see that they are not used to having the foals moving about in their bellies and wondering what is happening. I wonder who will foal first! Check out our breeding page – and be quick when they do foal because we have interest from all over the world!

Congratulations to Germany, where our precious Fulnaho’s Agnes is now moving to her new home at an Arabian stud who will start breeding Welsh ponies. She is being covered with Hilin Dinozzo and we hope for a precious baby in 2024!

The Europeans are very active at the moment, and it is lovely to see that we have new cooperations with studs in both France, Holland and Germany!