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More foals on the ground! 7 so far!

STELLAR L… – our Reserve Supreme Champion from Royal Welsh Winter Fair, Friars True Love (Glwenwood Siarl x Friars Lovebird) had the most beautiful sec A filly by Cannenburgh’s Jaap (Pinewell Jeronimo – Ysselvliedt’s Special Edition). Palomino with all the blings, blaze and white legs! We hit the filly jackpot! This foal is in Sweden, but she is moving to Wales.

STELLAR THOR OF VALHALLA  – the beautiful Friars Tears from Heaven (Glenwood Siarl x Friars Secret Edition) had an amazing sec A colt byy Cannenburgh’s Jaap (Pinewell Jeronimo – Ysselvliedt’s Special Edition). Palomino, blaze and white legs just like his sister. We think this boy could make a true asset as a stud stallion or have fabulous show career! This foal is in Sweden but he is moving to Wales.

STELLAR MILAGRO – our precious Fulnaho’s Mia (Laithehill Amadeus – Eyarth Harlequin) had the most beautiful sec B colt by our gold awarded Hilin Dinozzo (Hilin Carnedd – Eyarth Tayma). Bay, blaze, two white hind legs, one white fore leg and a shorter one on the other fore leg. This colt is something really special as a future stud stallion and one of the best sec B foals we have ever bred. We did not plan on keeping this foal, but we might have to and show him ourselves! This foal is in Sweden.

We are very very pleased with the foals by our young stallions Hilin Dinozzo and Cannenburgh’s Jaap so far! All have very good type, beautiful heads, great movement and lovely mentality – and especially Dinozzo’s foal have the exact head as their sire! We are updating with new pictures when they get a bit older.