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Foals of 2023

Although we went through some heart ache this year with the loss of Lustoord Sophia’s amazing filly foal, we have also been experiencing perhaps the luckiest year so far when it comes to breeding!

I almost do not want to post pictures of the foals, because as long as I wait a part of me are just keeping them as these amazing little secrets that I can keep at home forever and just enjoy for myself… And I have had a very very hard time not keeping all of them!! Every single one is of excellent show quality and future breeding material for studs that only want the best!

But yes…we will take new pictures and post, it is just that the foals are too good to post any pictures that are not perfect! So until we have a photographer over, you just have to wait…!

Hilin Dinozzo has had the most amazing first crop of foals:

Stellar Tesseract, our Welsh Partbred filly out of Tesla Falkenhorst Z who we think can go to the World arenas in which ever discipline a rider would be interested in. A part of me wants to keep her as a future competition pony for our daughter, and if I do not find a 10 star home she will stay, without any regrets. Tess, who we call her is a minimally marked tobiano, she just have three small penny sized white spots on her body, but she has four white long socks and a white blaze that really makes her eye catching! On top of that, she has the most fantastic movement and is super correct in her legs and exterior! Even though she is going to be perfect to show and use in breeding as well, I really hope she is going to be competed with!

Stellar Milagro, our sec B colt out of our KEUR mare Fulnaho’s Mia is one of the best colts we have ever bred. He is going to be amazing as a show colt and future stud colt, but we also see him excel in any discipline. If that was not enough, with his beautiful bay colour and white legs with the prettiest dished head and blaze, his temperament is amazing and he is always the first to come to you in the field. If my health was better, and that I would not have to do the surgery, I would keep him and just focus on producing him, because he is outstanding! We have had enquiries about him from all over the world, and everyone is just waiting for new pictures… Who will get this miracle boy?

Stellar Uptown Girl, our sec B filly out of Ysselvliedt’s Flower Girl is the prettiest filly we could ever ask for. She is chestnut, going liver chestnut as her mother, with a beautiful white blaze and white legs. She is going to be absolutely perfect as a children’s pony, and we hope that she will be both competed with and shown, because she is the epitome of feminine! She is also going to be a true asset to any stud as a future brood mare. She would never be for sale if we did not already keep Flower Girl’s filly, Stellar Birthday Girl, from 2022. She is just a pure bundle of joy!

Cannenburgh’s Jaap has tre palomino foals so far in his first crop – and one double cream who is either perlino or smoky creme.

Stellar Sunflower our sec A filly out of Stellar Super Girl is the double creme filly who we simply could not resist to keep, as her mother is gold awarded and her mother Lustoord Sophia lost her filly this year. She is picture perfect, and having a double creme out of this combination is like we struck gold!

Stellar for Friars with Love and Stellar Tears of Valhalla our sec A filly and colt out of Friars True Love and Friars Tears from Heaven are both absolutely amazing foals that we fell in love with the moment they were born! They will excel in every discipline, and who we know will make us proud in the UK! We are really looking forward seeing them excel abroad!

Stellar Benedictus our sec A colt out of Friarly Glen Bride is just 5 days old but very very promising! On his first day out in the paddock he just flew like a bird! He is the same type as his sister, Stellar Blushing Bride, and he has the same lovely front and neck as his Royal Welsh winning grandmother Friarly Glenda.

Stellar Benedictus by Cannenburgh’s Jaap (Pinewell Jeronimo – Ysselvliedt’s Special Edition)

Khalvin Khlein KpM, our amber champagne star, known World Wide, had the most amazing Welsh Partbred daughter out of our STER mare Anri Yasmin. Last year she lost a foal out of the same combination, and I was completely devastated since this has been a dream for me since the first time I saw Khalvin at Gwendolyn Gregorio’s website when she imported him from USA and started breeding champagne horses. To finally see the combination succeed is such a win in every way! Her name is Stellar Khaleeesi Yin and she is a dream come true, and a foal I will keep forever! The horse fairies were with me when I both got a filly and an amber champagne one! We will definitely show her and keep her as a future brood mare, but she has the most amazing gaits and stamina so with a bit of luck she can be something for our little girl to compete with in the future.

Melau Sheer Delight, the mother of our show success Smokeycott Shezam, who has been in the top of every show she has ever been to since she was a foal, had the most beautiful palomino colt foal by Richvale Orion named Stellar Sheer Alchemy that we had enquiries about since the day he was born. He has found the most amazing home in the UK. Having the bloodlines as he has, we are really looking forward to seeing him in the show rings and in competition arenas.

We are still waiting for Friars Gwelais Hi, Minydon Tallulah and Samoren’s Kathy… Keep them in your prayers, that everything will go smoothly and that we will have healthy foals and healthy mommas!