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We have had a very rough year at my 9-year-old daughter’s school, with her being bullied by a boy who is very abusive and literally threatens to kill his class mates. The problem in Sweden is that we are not allowed by law to homeschool, which means that we have to wait until the school solves the problem. Last year we kept her at home 60% of the time, which is not really allowed (and could possibly make the police drive the child to school) but we did it anyway during which time we asked the school to make the needed changes. She was having panic attacks due to the threats and the situation at school and the time she was at school we needed to sit with her during the lessons many times, for her to feel safe.

The reason why I am writing this is that we realized last week after the summer holiday that the school learned absolutely nothing from the last 1,5 years, even though they seemed to make some changes the last months of the spring semester. Now we are in the same chaos again.

This, in combination with the severe stomach hernia I have that I need to undergo surgery for (it was planned to do in the spring of 2023, but our hospital has postponed it due to lack of surgical spots at the hospital) has forced us to prioritize and drastically downsize. Our daughter needs our focus and I need to focus on my health. In order for the surgery to be successful, I am not allowed to do any lifting afterwards for quite some time.

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