Minydon Tallulah

“Tallulah” is the sweetest mare you could ever imagine. This is our little girl’s riding pony, and she carries her like she was made of glass.

She is totally bomb proof, nothing scares her, and she is the loveliest little pony you could think of. If there ever was a 5 star children’s pony, this is she!

Her father Minydon Merlyn is WPCS-winner in hand, and a beautiful stallion with lots of presence.

Her mother Yaverland Trinket has won her class in Royal Welsh, and Tallulah is of the exact same type as her, just another colour!

Her grandfather Yaverland Carousel is a champion who has really left his stamp on his offsprings.

Furthermore, she has lineage in her from Baledon, Revel, Twyford  et c, so her pedigree is just as great as she is!

This one is a keeper for life!