Stellar Amazing Supergirl

“Stella” is our beauty, and she has a remarkable grace as well as movements. She is very kind hearted of sweet nature, and easy to get along with.

Her mother Lustoord Sophia is one of those mares that almost has a regal glow around her, and that is something she has inherited.

Sophia’s pedigree combines many of the old bloodlines like Synod, Ableton, Revel and Coech Coch as well as Twyford and Springbourne, where her legendary grandfather on her maternal bloodline, Vecthzicht’s Harmony,

needs little introduction for Welsh mountain pony breeders in Europe.

Her father Sunwillow Troy was 5th at the Royal Welsh Show. His foals have been doing well with his daughter winning the filly foal class at the 2017 International WPCS Show.

Stella’s bloodlines combines many of the most successful studs in Europe, for example Sunwillow, Heniarth, Vechtzicht and Thistledown.

We are looking forward to see what her future will bring the stud, as she is being retained.