Stellar Tesseract

This combination has been in my mind and in my heart for longer than even Tesseract’s mother Tesla has been alive. You see, I followed and started to email with Tesla’s breeder Gwendolyn for almost 20 years ago, as I absolutely loved her breeding stock and her breedings… For many years, her breedings were too expensive for me, so I just had to look at them and dream about owning one. When Tesla was born, I just knew that she was the one for me so as soon as she was offered for sale I wrote Gwendolyn that I absolutely must buy her!

The plan was always to have her as a future brood mare, and to breed riding ponies with, so when I bought Hilin Dinozzo I just knew that they would be a match made in Heaven!

How correct I was…!

This filly is everything we could have hoped for – and much more! She moves like a dream, and she is 100% perfect! We shall see in the future if she is a comping eventing prospect for our girl and future brood mare – or if we are persuaded in selling her to a 10 star eventing home.