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Why Stellar…?

Some of you know, but others do not, that I (Eleonor) am a best-selling author and a spiritual teacher (coach, healer et c) as my devoted ”full time job” as an entrepreneur!

I have been teaching about the connection between horses and the ethereal realms for my whole life which is why I also have the symbol of a unicorn in the logo for the stud. Just as unicorns are said to be, horses are also excellent soul healers! In my own healing modality Golden Pegasus Healing, that I started to teach back in 2012, my students learned about how to heal with the help of unicorns and pegasus – but also how the horses can work with us as practitioners.

As a famous clairvoyant psychic I see energies and that all horses have different connections to the five elements: water, fire, earth, air and ether.

Many horse people already use telepathy with their horses without even knowing how, but most horse people know that horses are multidimensional creatures with energies from beyond this realm.

Hence the origin of the name Stellar Stud…