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Stellar News from Sweden, France, Holland and the UK!

We are now in the middle of the summer, and even though Sweden has shown itself from its ugliest side in many aspect, where the saying about “The Royal Swedish Envy” has grown immensely and a group of people have tried to pour down the pus from their own unhealed wounds on us. I am happy to share that the same group of people are a big reason why we are so successful abroad – because we never wanted to be a part of their small duck pond of black tar filled gloat.

We will always be the ones who say congratulations to a competitor or send or condolences when someone has hit a brick in the road. Because that is who we are! You can count on that!

Now to some more pleasant news:

Fulnaho’s Mia is leased to France and had the loveliest filly by Hilin Dinozzo last week, she is black and has four whites – such a beauty! Congratulations to Haras des Mirys!

We have also been incredibly lucky with the foals this year back in Sweden, where our Royal Welsh winner Laithehill Soloist had a gorgeous chestnut filly with four white legs by Hilin Dinozzo. Her name is Stellar Summer Solstice, and she may be available to a serious show and eventing home.

Ysselvliedt’s Flower Girl had a gorgeous chestnut colt foal by Hilin Dinozzo who is going to be named Stellar Free Spirit, as this is her last foal with the stud since she is now with her new home together with Hilin Dinozzo and Feerwerder Moonflower. Dinozzo has truly put his stamp on all his beautiful foals, and they all have his amazing temperament!

We are now only waiting for Tesla Falkenhorst Z to foal, late in July. So exciting!

We have such fantastic cooperations and horse buyers all over the world, and we can now also add Ireland to the list when our precious Friars Crystal Queen was sold to Hollycreek Ponies. The last 6 months we have sold ponies to Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland (and Sweden), and so far we have only happy horse buyers – which is our goal and highest priority! Happy horse buyers equal happy horses!

What feels most special is when former horse buyers return to buy relatives to their horses, as we are really thorough with the combinations we make and only breed from horses whose pedigrees we have studied for many years. Big congratulations to Olivia, for not only owning Stellar Blushing Bride but now also her brother Stellar Braveheart.

Since our daughter is growing and getting taller, we are now reducing the number of Welsh Mountain sec As even more to be able to focus on the sec Bs and also keep a few Welsh Partbreds. That means that we are taking a very, very hard decision to let go of one of our multi champion stallions, Friars Pavarotti (in Sweden). He is a fantastic stallion and we want to keep cooperating with the new buyer so that we can send a mare or two to be covered in the future as he truly has a dream pedigree with the legendary Friars Posy as a mother and the great inheritor Friars Moses as a father. We may also lease him if it is long term to a known stud.

These are the ones we are still looking to find solutions for, and as you know we require 10 star homes with people who we later also can come to call friends, as it is very important to us to keep in touch with their new homes. We do still also have some sec Bs available since I need to keep the number down due to focusing on my healing.

All the pedigrees can be found here: www.allbreedpedigree.com

Friars Pavarotti – for breeding loan/lease or sale from SWEDEN.
Welsh sec A stallion born 2019.
Approx heights 118-120 cm.

Friars Moses x Friars Posy


Offering for stud lease since we are taking a break in the stud for a few years: the amazing FRIARS PAVAROTTI who has been very successful at shows (multiple gold awards) in Sweden and also #2 in the 3-year-old stallion class at the International Welsh Show in Germany.

Being a son of Friars Posy (3 x Winner of Royal Welsh Show & Supreme Winner of the International Welsh Show) we have always believed in him but he really just makes everything so easy as he is a joy to have around! Absolutely no vices. He has not yet had any foals with us since we have had him in show production and just covered one mare late last year who has not yet foaled.

His sire Friars Moses is full brother to Friars Queen of Hearts, two times Royal Welsh Winner.

If we loan a stallion we want something in return – either the stud to merit them even more or to train them in ridden or driven and competing with them, otherwise it comes with a fee to lease them. We also want them to be away for a minimum of 1 year, over the winter, so not just for a couple of months in the summer. It needs to be a proven stud, as that is why we are offering the stallions because we think they are wasted just in a field with us when we are taking a break from breeding for a while.

***Since we are keeping our perlino filly Stellar Princess of Solaria we may sell or lease her 3 yo aunt Stellar Magic Sundae who we have in training in HOLLAND. But, only to a 10 star stud who want to use her in breeding and showing!*** More info and new pictures to come, please contact us if you are interested.

Stellar Sheer Lustre – for sale in the UK after weaning.
Welsh sec B filly born 2024.
Approx height as an adult 128 cm.

Melau Sheer Delight (Zonneweide Royal Lustre x Melau Cadi – Eyarth Syena) has done it again!


Stellar Sheer Lustre, a gorgeous golden palomino filly foal with four whites and a blaze makes her just perfect!

She is by Richvale Orion (Locksley Don Galliano x Cadlanvalley Ophelia – Russetwood Elation)

This filly is the full sister to our Stellar Sheer Alchemy who was sold to Wales last year, she is also half sister to our big winner Smokeycott Shezam. With a maternal bloodline like hers, where her mother and sister has won more or less every show they have ever entered, we are expecting nothing less of her!

Anri Yasmin – for sale in SWEDEN.

This is a post I never thought I would make, but when we are minimizing the numbers of ponies we need to make hard choices…

Since we are keeping her daughter Stellar Khaleesi Yin (by Khalvin Khlein KpM) we are now reluctantly offering her mother Royal Welsh Winner & STER mare Anri Yasmin (Eyarth Tacoma x Lemonshill Jonquil – Cottrell Artiste) to a life long home as she is born 2006, but is very fit and healthy.

She is the perfect mother and she has given us two gorgeous fillies (Stellar Yazzmatazz & Stellar Khaleesi Yin) out of which one were sold to France.

As we are not going to breed for a couple of years, she really should be with someone who will have her last foals as she is such a valuable broodmare for the Welsh breed.

We also want her to be in a country where there are long summers and plenty of grass as she grows older.

She does not have a foal at foot this year and she is covered by our European Winner Wildzang’s A Dream Dessert for a 2025 foal.

Height around 127-128 cm.


Samoren’s Kathy – for sale in SWEDEN.

As we are working really hard to minimize the number of broodmares we are searching for a new home for this fantastic black STER mare, Samorens Kathy, born 2009. Her pedigree is of the old known stud names through Lemonshill Royal Flight – Glansevin Graffiti, where you will find a lot of Coed Coch & Downland.

She is the perfect mother and has foals in several countries, Sweden, Chile, France, Holland. She is also the mother of the approved stallion Samorens Masterclass (exported to Chile).

As we are not going to breed for a couple of years, she really should be with someone who will continue using her in breeding as she is such a valuable broodmare for the Welsh breed. She is very easy to handle in every way, and also driven.

She does not have a foal at foot this year and she is covered by our European Winner Wildzang’s A Dream Dessert for a 2025 foal.

Height around 128-129 cm.


NO TIME WASTERS please, due to the fact that I am exhausted from all emailing and just need to focus on healing completely. Due to my surgery I cannot make new videos et c or have they ridden to show you, so they are offered to the ones who understand the amazing pedigrees and qualities of these horses.