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Cutting back for a while!

If anyone wonders why we choose to sell some horses, it’s because I have a hernia in my stomach that is growing – now it’s two fists ✊✊ big. Only specialist surgeons can operate on it – but I need (ideally) to lose weight first to minimize the risks of complications as it will be an open surgery this time. I have six months to do it and hope there is no acute intestinal entrapment in the meantime.

This hernia occurred when one of the horses ran over me in the paddock 🫣 after my peephole surgery when I had my gallbladder removed in 2017 (I think) which I noticed six months ago…but the last two months it has grown noticeably and I have seen the doctor and surgeon several times.

Until then, I can’t lift a single iota at home or muck, feed, carry water to the horses, etc… I will have to take it very easy even after the surgery for a long time so that it really has time to heal!

I have a saint 😇 for a husband 👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻 who gets to do all the heavy lifting right now, but it would be nice if he also lasted a few more years! ❤️

We feel good in the decision to cut back a bit in the meantime, as we have discussed it for a few months now when starting to realize the severity of my hernia.

For some lucky horse buyers that mean that they will get to buy a few ponies that would never have reached the market otherwise, and we will of course only choose 5-star homes as usual!
We never rush to find the right home and we go with our gut feeling!

Please, take a look at the “for sale”-page, to see which horses are for sale and where (UK or Sweden)! We also only plan on covering just a few mares in 2023, to make it as easy as possible for the healing in 2024. That means, take the chance to buy your dream foal or horse now! The horses for sale are mainly our youngsters who has not been in show production already, since they are the ones who need more hands-on training. They all have been saved to be our future stars for shows, so they are all very well suited as competition horses and breeding material!

We are Stellar Stud, for a reason! Ad Astra – To the Stars!

All the best, from us!
Eleonor (& Mattias)