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Swedish Premiering in Wången, August 20th 2023.

Yesterday we went to a horse show quite close to where we live in Sweden, and to be quite honest the ponies were not trained since I had to be away the whole summer to take care of some business with our horses in the UK.

Even so, the horses showed the high quality they are so Friars Love Potion got 39p and was awarded with 1st class and got approved for the Swedish Quality Book in the Welsh society. (I wish I had gone to an indoor arena with her earlier, because she was quite tensed due to her never been in one before.)

Our little Stellar Milagro (Hilin Dinozzo x Fulnaho’s Mia) was also awarded with 39p and 1st class foal, even though I had just put on the halter on him for the first time the same day… (I know, that was not good planning but sometimes it is what it is.) Milagro is a true gem, he won the class and what was lovely to see was that Hilin Dinozzo had both his sons at 1st and 2nd place. The 3rd place got to a cute colt by Celton Tarion.

I am very proud of the way our horses behaved in a new environment for them. We love them so much! Thank you so much to Åsa Dahlberg, Camilla Hellbom and Jenny Dalarve who helped us in showing them.