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Sweet dreams, our beloved Khalvin…

Yesterday, a legend passed away, our beloved Khalvin Khlein KpM. The king, legend and ancestor of many champagne colored riding ponies throughout the world. 👑

25 years isn’t that old for a Partbred Arabian, but there were moments and places in your history where you weren’t always doing so well that took their toll lately…

Khalvin Khlein KpM

Although you have shown that the time has come to say goodbye, I cannot understand that tomorrow will be the last day together on this earth.

I have recorded your neighing and I am forever grateful for your offsprings who carry both your unique color and your soul energy. 💫

With a bit of luck, one of your wives might still carry a seed that we will welcome next year. You are welcome to come back to us in a different form if you wish. We would absolutely love that, but it is also OK if you think you are finished with this Earth and just choose to visit us from the higher realms. Don’t feel that you have to stay here for us, we will be OK…because the pain in our hearts tell us that we have loved, and love is always worth while. 💔❤️

It feels so nice though to have given you one last summer with your beloved little flock that you were so happy with, even though I wish you could stay with us forever…

You are so wonderful and special, my love! Thank you for the time together, you will always have your own place in my heart! You really were a dream come true!

❤️ Thank you for son Stellar Khal Vici and your daughter Stellar Khaleesi Yin. ❤️

I love you so! Sweet dreams, my love… 🙏


From Khalvin’s profile page:

Amber Champagne describes a bay horse that carries the champagne gene.
Their body dilutes to a gold colour while their mane and tail become a dark chocolate brown.

Khalvin Khlein’s base colour is bay/black.
He is colour tested Aa EE n/Ch (can never have a chestnut foal).

  • Imported to Germany from the USA, Arabian Part Bred Stallion
  • 75% Arabian, approved with the German Arabian Breed Association ZSAA
  • Approved as a stallion for breeding German Riding Ponies, Stallion Book I German Riding Pony ZfDP
  • Registered with the International Champagne Horse Registry and
  • American Warmblood Registry
  • Registered with the ACE Group Inc in Australia

Khalvin Khlein is tested and free from:

  • Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA)
  • Lavender Foal Syndrom 
  • Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID)

With Khalvin Khlein we present you an exceptional Improver stallion with a difference. Suitable and recommended for a wide range of breeds including Warmbloods, Riding Ponies and Arabs he is predestined to pass on his fabulous movement which include an exceptional trot, and his scopey jump.

Majestic, expressive and regal are probably the adjectives that best suit Khalvin Khlein KpM. It is an absolute joy to watch him, even when at rest he captures your heart with his charismatic charm.

His movement is expressive, serene and full of natural balance especially his light footed steps and ground coverage in canter and gallop. He carries himself well with good use of the hind leg in walk, trot, canter and gallop. Khalvin KpH has high ride-ability, a willing and trainable work ethic he is an absolute pleasure to ride. In competition he is eager to work always seeking the next jump as if at play with rhythm and balance.

Khalvin Khlein passed his 30 day Stallion Performance testing in Germany. The inspectors were impressed by his enthusiasm and motivation. He successfully completed his performance test at the grand age of 16.

Khalvin Khlein KpM is a Partbred Arab Stallion bred by Karen Malcor Chapman in California, USA.

His pedigree includes some of the world’s best Arab bloodlines: His sire, Khornerstone KpM is is a son of the legendary Khemosabi out of Shantu. Khemosabi won the USA Championships in hand as well as under saddle and was for many years Americas most popular Arab sire. Even at the great age of 34 years he was classified as the Arab sire with the highest number of offspring (1250 foals). Khemosabi offspring have proved their sire’s worth by being successful in various disciplines including cowwork and Western. A living legend Khemosabi throughout his long life he was healthy and fit to his biblical age and never looked the old horse he became. He died at 34 years and is still regarded as a legend. In the 4th generation we find „Morafic“ which was term sire of the Egyptian State Stud El Zahraa. His father Nazeer was titled “King of Egypt”.

Shantu, dam of Khornerstone KpM, is by Ansata Shah Zaman, an egyptian bred stallion from the well respected Ansata Stud Farm, which influenced the breeding of Arab horses of the egypian type worldwide. His sire Morafic was for many years the main stallion of the egyptian State Stud El Zahraa. On Shantuu’s dam line we see a successful fusion of some very old foundation lines, which combine polish, Crabbet and desert lines to wonderful effect.

Khalvin Khlein’s exceptional and rare champagne gene was a gift from his dam, Miss Sundance. Miss Sundance was a half Arab  amber Champagne mare of some 16 hh, a real equine personality who sadly died far too young. Her sire was the Arabian Comar Bay Brummel, a full brother to the still influential Comar Bay Beau. His sire Azraff , a son of Raffles out of a rare Jugoslavian mare, was a rightly famous sire in the 50s and 60s. Both Azraff and Comar Bay Brummel’s damsire Al-Marah Indraff were predominantly competition and sport sires. The Al-Marah Studfarm is the oldest existing private Arab Studfarm in the USA, and has ignored some of the fashion trends which come and go, instead specializing in performance and breeding horses which are sucessfully competing in Dressage, Long Distance Riding, Jumping and various Western disciplines.

Khalvin Khlein‘s offspring inherit his nobility, jumping ability, tactful safe movement, his beautiful looks and frequently his beautiful colour.

When it comes to jumping ability and technique he leaves nothing to be desired. His son Dreammark was winner of the Loose Jumping Competition with a score of 9.5!