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February 2024

Sometimes it feels like a lifetime in a month, when we do these many changes as we have done during the last couple of months. Honestly, it is pretty exhausting!

When people ask us if we are quitting horse breeding, the answer is NO! But, we have decided to slow down since my body has been having issues over the last year, and since I am turning 50 next year I need to think about the future of my wellbeing and listen when the body tells me to. We are trying to downsize so that we are not keeping two ponies of the same bloodline, but you can imagine how hard it is to decide which one to sell and whom to keep!

These are the ones available in SWEDEN right now if not otherwise specified. We have lots of cooperations with transporters all over the world.

🚨Sec A

🔜Stellar Kingdom of Heaven, palomino colt 2023. We are retaining his sister from 2023.

🔜Friars Crystal Queen, grey filly 2022 (in the UK). We are retaining several close relatives.

🔜Friars Love Potion covered with Friars Pavarotti, chestnut mare 2020. We are retaining her sister from 2023.

🚨Sec B

🔜Ysselvliedt’s Flower Girl covered with Hilin Dinozzo, liver chestnut mare 2015. We are retaining her filly from 2022 and her sire’s full sister.

‼️All our multi champion stallions sec A and B is also offered on breeding loan to merited studs!

🔴Friars Pavarotti, chestnut sec A

🔴Hilin Dinozzo, black sec B

🔴Wildzang’s A Dream Dessert, chestnut sec B

🔴Ysselvliedt’s Lord Llywel, palomino sec B

We also have a few mares offered for loan for two seasons:

🚨Welsh sec B: Cadlanvalley Royal-Secret, palomino sec B, ridden

🚨German riding pony: Jalina covered with Hilin Dinozzo for a Welsh partbred foal, champagne tobiano mare 2020, homozygous for champagne. 145-146 cm.

🚨German warmblood: Margharita Falkenhorst Z covered with Hilin Dinozzo for a Welsh partbred foal, cremello mare 2017. Ridden. 150-153 cm.

Please share! 🙏 (And those of you that has bought from us over years, please share about our ponies!)

We have lots of fun news for the stud though, many co-operations with some stallions far away on stud loan and of course the upcoming foals that will be for sale this year. We have already had foals being booked in utero, so we are happy for how people love the quality of the horses.

Looking forward to telling you more when everything is up and running according to plan! (The website is going to have more info about each horses, and more videoclips, so hang on tight and get in touch (stars@stellarstud.se) if there is anything you want to ask us!)

All the best,