KEUR Fulnaho’s Mia

We jumped at the opportunity to continue with the breeding material from Fulnahos Stud and the beautiful half sisters Mia and Agnes. Mia is a Keur mare, and we are excited to include her in our breeding program for welsh.

STER (★)

A horse with a ster predicate has above average con­formation and movement and/or jumping. The ster predicate is awarded at studbook inspection to stallions, mares and geldings that have earned minimum of 70 points for conformation and minimum 75 points for movement or jumping. Minimum required height is 160cm.
If a horse earns 70 points for conformation, but less than 75 points for movement or jumping, it can earn the ster predicate by passing the IBOP test in the same breeding direction.


A predicate for ster mares that are keur eligible, having conformation higher than for ster, and that have completed IBOP performance test or equivalent sport requirements.