Stellar Princess of Solaria

Stellar Princess of Solaria is the daughter of our beloved Stellar Amazing Supergirl “Stella”, hence her name from the Winx Saga. Stella has always been one of our absolute favourites, both when it comes to mentality and exterior but we sadly lost her in 2024. “Sunny”, who the stable name for Stellar Princess Solaria is, is the start of the Solaria bloodline in the stud. Sunny is just as lovely as her mother, with an exceptional temperament as the icing of the cake.

To have a daughter of Stella who is also double dilute is a dream come true!

  • Sire: Cannenburgh's Jaap (Pinewell Jeronimo - Ysselvliedt's Special Edition)
  • Dam: Stellar Sunflower (Sunwillow Troy x Lustoord Sophia)
  • Born: 2023
  • Colour: Perlino
  • Pedigree coming soon