Stellar Khal Vici


The first time I saw the amber champagne stallion Khalvin Khlein KpM on the website of Gestuet Falkenhorst, I knew what my dream was… Back then (20 years ago) it was not possible as his champagne colored offsprings went for 50.000 euro and more when they were sold all over the world. However, that was when the seed was planted in my mind.

In 2020 we got the opportunity to buy Khalvin (now 22 yrs old) from a new owner in Estonia, so when we the 23rd of May 2022 had an amber champagne colt foal by him we are absolutely over the moon!

This little colt has legend upon legend in his pedigree in both the Arabian world and the Welsh world. Khemosabi was a legend like no else, and on Sunwillow Venus’ side of his pedigree we have stud names that have laid the foundation of many exceptional blood lines in the world.


Our beloved Khalvin Khlein KpM who we had to put to sleep last year is behind every of our champagne breedings:

Khalvin Klein KpM
Part Bred Arab 75%
(Khornerstone KpM x KomarBay Brummel)
Beautiful rare color Champagne Genetics. NCh/EE/Aa / 14.2HH
”Majestic, expressive and regal are probably the adjectives that best suit Khalvin Khlein KpM
It is an absolute joy to watch him, even when at rest he captures your heart with his charismatic charm.
His movement is expressive, serene and full of natural balance especially his light footed steps and ground coverage in canter and gallop. He carries himself well with good use of the hind leg in walk, trot, canter and gallop.
Khalvin Khlein KpM has high ride-ability, a willing and trainable work ethic he is an absolute pleasure to ride. In competition he is eager to work always seeking the next jump as if at play with rhythm and balance.
At the performance testing the inspectors were impressed by his enthusiasm and motivation. He successfully completed his performance test at the grand age of 16.
Khalvin Khlein is a Partbred Arab Stallion bred by Karen Malcor Chapman in California, USA
His rare “champagne” gene comes from his dam, the Partbredarabian mare “Miss Sundance”.
Notable bloodlines in his pedigree are Comar Bay Beau and Azraff and the AQHA Stallion Questionmark, son of Plaudit xx .
The Beautiful, noble father Khornerstone KpM (born 1992) of Khalvin Khlein remains in good health in California. He has an outstanding lovable and honest character.
His father Khemosabi was for years one of the most popular Arabian thoroughbred stallions in the US and has more than a thousand foals. He died at 34 years but is still regarded as a legend.
In the 4th generation we find “Morafic” which was term sire of the Egyptian State Stud El Zahraa. His father Nazeer was titled “King of Egypt”.
His offspring inherit his nobility, jumping ability, tactful safe movement, his beautiful looks and frequently his beautiful colour.
When it comes to jumping ability and technique he leaves nothing to be desired. His son Dreammark was winner of the Loose Jumping Competition with a score of 9.5!”

Gwendolyn Gregorio reported:

“Khalvin Khlein KpM, the imported US APb (Arabian Partbred) stallion was approved with the German Arabian Breed Association ZSAA on 11th/12th of May 2001.  He scored a sensational 8 for type and trot! Comment of the breeding director for his performance: jumps with great elastic bascule and very good technique, outstanding trot with great elasticity and very good balance, beautiful type and great stallion presence.”

When Khalvin was approved on his 30-day stallion test in Germany he got 10 on his mentality and we can tell you already that this is something hos offsprings have inherited.


Khalvin has offsprings all over the world, sold for record prices, and we miss him every day.

Stellar Khal Vici is 50% Welsh mountain, 38% Arabian, 6 % American Saddlebred and 6 % Quarter horse, which means he can both be registered as Welsh Part-bred and Arabian Part-bred. He has the same colour as his father, and the adult colour will start to show in a few months when his brown colour bleaches.

Champagne foals are born with bright blue eyes, which later color to amber. Particularly striking is the special shine that is inherent in the Champagne gene and which is reminiscent of the shine of the Akhal Teke. It is a dream for breeders but also an absolute eye-catcher for the ambitious rider.

This one is one to watch!

We look forward to his future foals when he is on stud duty abroad. On stud lease with Haras des Mirys, France